When we are grounded, we can fully feel our physical body. The feet and legs are strong and stable. Our senses are operating optimally, so that colors are vibrant and sounds are clear. Grounding allows for a good sense of smell and taste. We are fully alive and our environment feels rich, immediate and real. The mind becomes quiet and clear. Time seems to slow down.

Many people like to be in nature because they find it restorative. Nature brings us into resonance with the Earth's frequency and hence, grounds us. People do not have to know consciously about grounding for this effect to occur.

When we are ungrounded we will function much like the joked about space cadet. The mind is distracted and cannot focus well. The body does not feel strong and solid. The feet do not seem to be fully touching the Earth. There may a clumsiness to our movements and a tendency to bump into things. There is an internal feeling of wispiness. The physical senses are not operating properly. The environment may be experienced either as dull, farther away and less solid or at the other extreme too heavy and intrusive.

The Gate of Grounding

Creation can be seen as using the circle as its basic design. We can certainly see circles or cycles in all of nature: the waves that move upon the seashore, the cycle of the seasons, the stages of our own lives. The circle also works with regard to the inner and outer realms. By grounding more deeply into the body, moving into the muscles, the bones, then the cells and the molecules, then dropping into the atoms and the sub-atomic structures, we can travel into the vastness of the cosmos. Here we meet the circle and a strange paradox: We can transcend the body, ascending into the highest levels of consciousness by moving through the deepest levels of the body, descending into the very same place. For those who fear being trapped in the physical body, this knowledge can be very reassuring. Grounding can bring many benefits. It is essential to both basic ordinary human functioning and advanced spiritual journeying. The physical body and grounding ultimately become a gate. Honor this function.

To Begin: Body Position

Grounding can be done from a sitting, standing or lying-down position. Practice in all three positions because you will find that it works a little differently in each. Usually we face our most challenging situations when we are in a vertical position, so it makes sense that we practice holding our grounding while we are standing or seated. Lying down is the most relaxing. This position has the advantage of being a little easier to master. You may want to record this exercise onto a tape or simply read and review the steps before doing this exercise. Most people find that working with a tape initially makes practice a lot easier. Eventually you will be able to do these exercises easily on your own. (CDs of this and other exercises are available. See Home Page).

Exercise: Basic Grounding

Begin by closing your eyes and focusing your awareness on the base of your spine. Your energy will follow your awareness. Imagine a point of light on the tip of your spine. This will help you access an important energy center that will facilitate grounding. It is sometimes called the root center. Breathe gently as you take your awareness inside. Draw the breath into the root center, imagine that a beautiful golden light is riding on the breath. Leave the light in the first center as you exhale. You are feeding your root with energy, allowing it to take on a stronger charge.

Talk with your root, ask it to expand, open and fill. Continue with your focus, breathing in both light and space. Wait. Use the attitude of expectancy without expectation. Notice where the root starts to respond. Perhaps it is more active in the front or the back, or maybe the left side or the right side.

There is no need for the mind to understand how all of this works. Your energetic system knows perfectly how to do this. Your task is to focus your awareness and state your request. Let your system respond. Pay more attention to the sensation of what is going on than to the visual images you are getting.

Allow the root and pelvic bowl to fill with light. Once this occurs, imagine a line or cord of energy extending from the root center into the Earth. If you are standing, the line will drop down between your legs. If you are sitting, it will drop from the base of your spine downward. If you are lying down, the line will drop down perpendicularly from your horizontal body. Ask that the line move deep into the center of the Earth, finding a clear and stable point.

Breathe energy from the Earth up the line and into your pelvic bowl. Breathe back down the line and up again, raising the Earth energy only as far as the waist. Let any overflow spill down into your legs. You are "weaving" yourself with the Earth and letting her become an extension of you. Feel the support that is there for you. An entire planet! Now ask that the vibration of the heart of the Earth open in you. Notice what happens. Allow your body to adjust. If you do not notice anything, that is okay. It does not mean that nothing is happening. You just may not be able to perceive it yet.

Give your self time to explore this connection. Observe your reactions to it. If you detect any resistance, ask yourself to gently soften. Notice the attitudes that your mind holds. Breathe. You are breathing with the Earth. Just notice. Judge nothing. Give yourself time. This is how you open the door to feeling at home in your body. This is how you allow your body to show you its support and strength.

Once you feel you have opened and connected with the Earth, thank your body and energetic system. Thank the Earth for what she has given you. Ask your cells to memorize the sensation of grounding so that in the future you can simply remember the sensation and you will automatically strengthen your grounding capacity.

Exercise: Basic Alignment

Practice suggestions: This practice can be done standing, sitting or lying down. The main idea is to have a straight spine. Lying down is usually the easiest position to start with because you can relax yourself more readily. Do practice in the other body positions as well, because as with grounding, you will find that the alignment works a little differently in the various positions. Since we usually meet our greatest challenges when we are either standing or sitting, being able to hold alignment in these positions is important. Some people find that using music is very helpful and if music makes this process more powerful for you than use it. But also practice without it, because many of our challenges emerge when music is not playing in the background. To prepare yourself, wear comfortable, loose clothing and drink plenty of water. With good levels of hydration, you will be able to "run" the energy through your system more easily.

Once you know how to align yourself, you can practice in many settings: while standing in line at the grocery store, while taking a walk, while waiting for a bus or while taking a shower. In addition, try to be aware of this part of yourself at least in some measure as you go about your day. In this way you will be training yourself to access this level of reality as you live your life. Most of us are very busy and do not have a lot of extra time to set aside for formal practice. With this work you really do not have to do too much of that and it is far better to integrate your practice into your day.

1. The first step in alignment is to secure your grounding.

2. Now hold your grounding and bring your awareness to the top of your head where you have another important energy center which is sometimes called the crown center. Focusing lightly, ask the crown to open and expand to a width that is no wider than the opening you are holding in your root. Breathe softly through the top of your head, imagining that the top of your skull is melting into light. Give your system time to respond to your request. Adjust the upper and lower portions of this axis until they are equally open. If the area in the pelvic bowl is smaller than the top of the head, try closing the crown.

3. After securing both ends, split your focus so that you are aware of both points simultaneously. Hold this awareness. As you do, you will stimulate the connection between these two points. As this connection strengthens, a line or column will appear or be felt. This is your alignment matrix and the vertical axis your energetic Core. It runs down through the center of your body and not along your spine. Some people have trouble at first trying to practice simultaneous awareness. It will become easier with practice.

4. Once you have the line or tube (it will widen over time), begin to fall back into this line, breathing light, breathing energy into the tube. Just the way you built a charge in the pelvic bowl, now build a charge in the entire tube. Breathe directly through the sides of the tube. Breathe down through the opening in the crown. Breathe up from the ground through the root. As you breathe up, bring the energy from this direction first into the root center and then if you wish up to the heart center. When breathing energy up, take it only as far as the heart.

5. As you bring a full charge into the tube, let it widen. Staying referenced to the tube, sit in the heart. Remember simultaneous awareness. Begin to visualize a large ball of golden white light above your head. Let the light stream down through the tube and all around the body. Focus on the light. Let yourself become light, light that is pouring down filling the tube, filling the physical body and then flowing into the Earth. Know that the tube can become a column that is wider than your body. Let it expand naturally. Invite it to do so. Let yourself be patient. Patience is not a matter of endurance but trust. Trust your own energetic system to fill itself out.

6. As you become liquid light, bring this light into the cells of your body. Ask that the cells begin to vibrate at the same rate of speed as the light. Notice the feeling and sensation of this experience. You are beginning to unify your field as you do this, for you are bringing a vibrational congruency into your system. Identify the sensation. Gently hold this part of the process and let the unification open. If you find any places that are sluggish or not connecting simply observe, focus in the heart and breathe in more light. It is natural for some parts to unify more quickly than others.

7. Let yourself gently move, staying aware of your alignment. Open your eyes slightly, keeping a soft focus. Walk a few steps in your Alignment. How does this feel? Now open your eyes fully and slowly look around the room, not focusing on anything in particular. Use soft eyes. Gaze at your surroundings from deep within your Core. This is spirit looking out into the world. Feel the receptivity and clarity that is here. Stay referenced in your alignment. Let the world open and come to you. What does the world show you in this moment?

8. Take your Alignment into your day or your night, noticing what it is like to live from this place.