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Deep within our subtle energy fields, underneath the meridian web and the chakras, lies the energetic Core. This Core links all other energetic layers and comprises the foundation of our bio-field. When the Core is strong and balanced we experience our greatest capacity for living. It holds both our unique essence and a breathtaking data-bank of knowledge which includes what can be termed an operations manual. For those of you who have wished life came with a set of "operating instructions", you will be happy to know that you have. They are inside of you. Care and Feeding of the Energetic Core is simply a "pre-manual" to help you find your own individual guidance package.

This book is a self-study course that is about consciousness, awareness and practical spirituality. Use it to find your inner wisdom and connect with the deepest level of your being. This is an excellent resource for energy healers, health care practitioners and any individual who has a sensitive body. The practices in this book will teach you how to better care for your physical body, your heart, your mind and your Spirit.

-- Karen Custer